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WT-001/JY-189 wifi

Universal Travel Adaptor With 2USB Wifi

Description: Newest universal travel adaptor with wifi router and USB charger, for convenience and practicality! Designed for all kinds of mobile phone, laptops,Ipad, digital camera, MP4 and can charge many kinds of digital devices.Safe shutter can keep users away from electric shock. Special universal 8 hole socket with built in double insurance tube (fuse), 2500mA output current for more secure, people can use it wherever they are in more than 150 countries.

Dimension: 67 x 59 x 60mm

Weight: 125g

Rated Voltage : 100-240V

USB output: 5V, 2500mA

Colours: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, White & Black. For special colours (i.e. gold, silver etc) 1K pcs MOQ is required.

Standard packaging: White paper box

Optional packaging: Pouch bag, non-woven bag, gift box, color paper box, PVC box, blister, EVA bag

Printing: Logo can be printed by silkscreen