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Collar Pin / Lapel Pin/ Badge

Collar Pin / Lapel Pin/ Badge

(image is taken from the actual products made for our client)

Transform your designs/ logo/ text into collar pin/ lapel pin or badge, colours can be added to copper, iron or brass, depending on your finishing requirement. Can make into any shape & design.

Quantity starts from 100pcs.

Available Material/ Process:

Offset Printed Pins: This process enables to print designs with gradiant colors such as photos, paintings, logo. Epoxy coating will be applied for enhanced protection.

Laser / Silkscreen Printed Pins: Laser printing is genarally done on a flat metal base, most commonly on aluminium or brass.  Colors are printed one at a time. Epoxy coating can be applied for protection.

Copper stamped with hard enamel / Cloisonné: The original technique was developed by the Chinese more than 6,000 years ago to make prestige ornaments. Cloisonné items stand more as collectible jewels than just  basic promotional gifts.  Hard Enamel being a glass like material, Cloisonné pins last for a lifetime.

Copper stamped with synthetic enamel / Cloisonné: Synthetic Enamel is modern substitute to Hard Enamel.  This process provides an outstanding quality finished and a much broader range of colors to chose from.  Unique to this process, stone polishing gives this recognizable flat shiny surface.

Brass photo etching with soft enamel: Brass Photo Etching is a “chemical” process where the designs are transferred onto the brass metal base.  This process enables to make highly detailed designs and to significantly reduce thickness.  This method is commonly used for large sized designs.  These pins and badges are also famous for their epoxy domes.

Confused? Don't worry, we will recommend the most suitable material and process according to your design requirement. 

Assuring order without any worries:

1. We provide the artwork for your approval.

2. Actual sample will be provided after artwork approval. 

3. Mass production after approving on actual sample.

4. Delivery of stock to your door step after production.