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Crafting Unique Collar Pins with Dedication

Our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every collar pin we create. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to excellence, we craft collar pins that epitomize sophistication and thoughtfulness.

Each pin is a testament to our dedication to setting the standard for excellence in personalized corporate gifts in Singapore, ensuring that your recipients receive a truly exceptional and memorable gift.

Crafting Unique Collar Pins

Customised Collar Pin Solutions for Every Need

Explore our wide range of collar pins customisation options to meet your specific needs and preferences. From Offset Printed Pins to Laser/Silkscreen Printed Pins and Copper stamped with hard or synthetic enamel, along with Brass photo etching featuring soft enamel, our range caters to diverse tastes.

Crafted with precision, each pin is meticulously designed to surpass expectations, ensuring an elevated gifting experience that aligns seamlessly with your brand essence and delights your recipients.

Customised Collar Pin

Custom Collar Pins for Enduring Impressions

We recognise the importance of customisation in creating memorable and impactful gifts. That's why we offer a wide range of customisation options for each collar pin, allowing you to imprint your brand identity, incorporate intricate designs, or convey meaningful messages.

Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure that every pin is uniquely customised to reflect your vision and resonate with your recipients. You can create lasting impressions that leave a lasting impact on your recipients and enhance your corporate gifting initiatives.

Custom Collar Pins

Assuring Order Without Any Worries

Confused? Don't worry, we will recommend the most suitable material and process according to your design requirement.

1. We provide the artwork for your approval.
2. Actual sample will be provided after artwork approval.
3. Mass production after approving on actual sample.
4. Delivery of stock to your door step after production.

Assuring Order

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